In 2004, Hoe Leong Corporation Ltd. ventured into the manufacturing of heavy equipment undercarriage parts under the brand name KBJ.

With customer satisfaction as one of our primary objectives, we seek to continuously improve our product with quality control and technology enhancement.

Our products are engineered in CAD/CAM workstations with quality inspections conducted throughout the production processes.

In 2007, KBJ received ISO 9001-2000 certification for our quality control process.


Undercarriage - track link assembly, track and carrier rollers, sprocket, segment groups, track shoes and idlers

Ground Engaging Tools - cutting edges, bucket tips and end bits

Engine Parts - pistons, liners, rings, valves, gasket, nozzle and injector

Final Drive - cylinder heads for final drive, transmission parts, steering clutch, disc plates & torque converter parts

Miscellaneous - turbocharger, filter, piston main pumps, bearings, fasteners, seals etc.