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Korea Crawler Track Ltd. and Kunshan Kanto-Buhin Manufacturing Co. Ltd (Kunshan Kanto-Buhin) was established with the strategic intent of ensuring good quality products are presented to our customers, through the use of manufacturing control and supervision of our products from design & development up till the final production. Our factories’s objective is to provide valued customers with good quality and reliable products under our “KBJ” brand.

Korea Crawler Track Ltd. was setup to commence the company's own Track Link manufacturing plant in South Korea. Besides manufacturing our in-house KBJ Track Link brand, the plant contract manufactures for OEMs. As from 2011 all KBJ Track Links are manufactured in our, 100% Hoe Leong Corporation owned, manufacturing plant located nearby Jinju City, Gyeongnam Province, South Korea. ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 certification was accredited to Korea Crawler Track Limited, South Korea in 2011.

Kunshan Kanto-Buhin is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hoe Leong Corporation Ltd, which has more than 50 years experience in the heavy equipment parts trading business in the Asia Pacific Basin, Middle-East, North-Africa and recently Australia. Our company started its operations in Jilin Province China and relocated to its current location in Kunshan in 2006. It was then renamed Kunshan Kanto-Buhin Manufacturing Co. Ltd. In 2008 we started applying friction welding technology to our roller shells and shafts, providing good product quality and performance to our finished products.

Presently our brand “KBJ” products are marketed through various distribution channels in the international and OEM markets of Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, South America and Australia. Our products are used in a variety of bulldozer and excavator models ranging from 0.8 tons to 100 tons for brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco and Hyundai. With the use of modern CAD workstations, KBJ’s products are carefully engineered to ensure high production quality standards. Together with stringent testing of materials, frequent quality checks and in-process quality management, our factories strive to achieve the highest possible quality standards for our products.