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Year 1957 - 1962: The Beginning


Founder Mr. Kuah Kee Hiong started Chop Hoe Leong in 1957 to distribute surplus British Army spare parts in Singapore. In 1962, Chop Hoe Leong expanded the business into heavy equipment spare parts.

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Year 1976: First Step To A Bigger World.


Chop Hoe Leong became a private limited company known as Hoe Leong Co (Pte) Ltd. and moved to a new location in Teban Gardens, with office cum warehouse covering a land area of approximately 4,500sqm.

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Late 80's - Year 1994: Strategic Expansion.


During late 80's Hoe Leong Co (Pte) Ltd. expanded its business and set up branches through out South East Asia. In 1994, Hoe Leong Co (Pte) Ltd. became an investment holding company and incorporated Hoe Leong Corporation (Pte) Ltd. as a separate entity, responsible for trading and distributing heavy equipment spare parts, with subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China.

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Year 2000: Achievement: Year Of Pride.


Awarded by Singapore Economic Development Board as one of the Top 50 Enterprise company in Singaopre. To accomodate for future expansion in the business, we moved to the new location at 6 Clementi loop with an office cum multi-levels warehouse covering a total land area of approximately 26,000sqm.

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Year 2004: Design & Manufacture


Hoe Leong Corporation (Pte) Ltd. ventured into manufacturing of heavy equipment undercarriage parts such as track links, track rollers, idlers, sprockets, etc, under the brand name KBJ.

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Year 2005: Getting Public Listed


Hoe Leong Corporation (Pte) Ltd. became a public listed company with shares traded in the mainboard of Singapore Stock Exchange, known as Hoe Leong Corporation Ltd.

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Year 2007: Quality Recognition


Hoe Leong Corporation Ltd. is committed to produce high quality product through stringent quality control procedures. In 2007 our manufacturing facility has obtained ISO 9001-2000 certification.

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Year 2008: Technology Investment - Friction Welding


In order to provide customers with high quality product Hoe Leong Corporation Ltd. acquired the state-of-art technology in roller manufacturing -- Friction Welding. With the friction welding technology, we can produce ever better rollers to you, the customer.

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